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This book is gold.

I have used this book to create the backbone of my own copy toolkit, and my conceptual copy skills have increased dramatically as a result.

Kudos to Tom, this book is my new copy bible.

Great book – clear, practical and encouraging. Buy it!

Excellent guide, starts simple but gradually builds up a very full picture.

An excellent intro for new copywriters, and the perfect refresher for more experienced professionals.

It’s something you can refer to again and again.

I’m working my way through the book and trying some tips when I have a ‘ahh, OK that makes sense’ moment – which has happened a lot!

This book is so easy to read and hits just the right spot in its tone and style.

Everything is looked at in detail but without overwhelming you.

Recommended reading whether you’re an absolute beginner or a grizzled pro.

Basic enough to be accessible at the start, in-depth enough to provide value for every copywriter, no matter how experienced they may be.

An absolute must-have.

Should be required reading for every copywriter. Highly recommended! Buy it now!

Makes excellent copy seem achievable… the kind of teaching we all wish we’d had at school.

My kind of book – easy to read, covers all the key things you need to think about.

An excellent introduction to copywriting – lively, clear and full of great examples.

Highly recommended as a beginner’s guide, but a good refresher for more experienced copywriters too.

This book WILL improve your Business Copywriting skills!

The expertise shines through and the use of tables and graphics really help to present the information in more understandable and memorable formats.

A triumph.

I picked this up, and within hours I’d finished it.

This book is jammed with actionable advice and methods on copywriting for everyone to use.

Get yourself a copy. You might need a pen and highlighter, too.

I love this book.

Short on waffle, long on useful ideas and helpful examples.

Whether you’re just starting out in copywriting or a seasoned professional, this book is well worth it.

Enlightening, educational and inspiring.

Social media

This guy always gives cracking advice on LinkedIn so thought it was about time I bought his book. Happy it has arrived just in time for my morning coffee read 👌 Thanks, @tomcopy, really looking forward to this one.

Emma Lander

ITSM & Technology Copywriter | Certified SEO writer | Content Creator

Simple to read, full of great advice, and a handy guide I now keep on my desk.

Peter J Stephen

Senior Copywriter at Saatchi & Saatchi Pro

Tom, just finished your book. For the first time… Absolutely loved it.
Especially the “Sharpening Up Your Copy” section.
One of the best books on copywriting I’ve read.

Simon Seo

Digital Freelancer / Content Marketing

I didn’t think you could teach copywriting. Turns out, ⁦@tomcopy⁩ can. What a terrific book. Buy it for your writers. And your non-writers who write.

Doug Kessler

Creative Director & Co-founder of Velocity

I can vouch for this book. As an ex-copywriter I realised how much has moved on and as a content designer it gave me lots of ideas. Thanks for sharing the wisdom @tomcopy.

Sarah Richards

Creator of the Content Design discipline for GDS

Already racing through this. Easily one of the best copy books I’ve read. Bravo Tom and thank you.

Lucy Darbyshire

Content and PR executive

Exceptionally good. I can’t tell you how many tips and tricks I’ve put into action.

Rather than reading it from beginning to end, I’m dipping in and out depending on what I’d like to brush up on. It’s proving to be extremely useful.

Eman Ismail

Founder & Copywriter at InkHouse

I liked the Kindle sample of your book so much yesterday that I bought it (and I’m not even a copywriter!)

Victoria Patience

Spanish-to-English translator, editor, reader

I’m just glad someone wrote a book on copywriting that people can take seriously.

Bill Beard

I help companies connect with customers through branding, copywriting and UX. Founder of Beard Branding.

Quickly becoming my favourite copywriting book.

Read Modify Write

Marketing consultancy for the tech industry.

Tom is one of the best copywriters around – if you’re interested in learning the craft I’d thoroughly recommend this book.

Big Star Copywriting

Copywriting agency with big brand clients across the UK & Europe.

Impressively thorough without ever losing its rhythm, and includes plenty of great examples.

Deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as the copywriting classics.

Ryan Wallman (Dr Draper)

Associate Creative Director, Wellmark

Industry experts

Where was this book when I started copywriting?

Dripping with copywriting goodness on every page and a must for every newbie copywriter (and a few old copy dogs too).

Kate Toon

Co-host, Hot Copy Podcast

Let Tom take you by the hand and show you the treasures that await with his deep, detailed and delightful exploration of copywriting made simple.

From insights gleaned from NLP and psychology to real-world examples of great, effective copy – this is educational, entertaining and energetic.

Prepare to dig deep, enjoy and see your results skyrocket!

Katherine Wildman

Copywriter, trainer and host of The Writing Desk

Tom has written the best all-round introduction to copywriting available today.

If you are starting your career as a copywriter, or want to refresh your knowledge, I recommend Tom’s book. You’ll get a comprehensive guide to copywriting, one that’s packed with clear examples and easy-to-follow advice.

Tom is a fantastic, highly experienced copywriter and his guide is a solid addition to any copywriter’s bookshelves.

Leif Kendall

Director of ProCopywriters, copywriter and author

What makes you good is what makes you different.
But you can’t break the rules until you know what they are.
Tom’s put a lifetime of learning into this book.
It’s an incredibly thorough briefing on the subject of copywriting.
So you’ll know everything there is to know about it.
And when you know more than other copywriters, you’ll know how to beat them.

Dave Trott

Creative legend, agency founder, author and teacher

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