The winning marketing investment… that many companies miss

Intrigue headline (chapter 6) appealing to loss aversion (chapter 14).

Gambling that readers will be curious enough about what they could be missing to read on, despite not knowing the precise subject of the letter.

If you could improve your marketing and get more sales for a few hundred pounds, would you do it?

Eliciting a mental ‘yes’ from the reader to start building agreement (see ‘Ask a question’ in chapter 6).

Discouraging irrelevant readers (those who don’t have a few hundred pounds to spend) while encouraging relevant ones (those who see this as a bargain) (see ‘Who is your reader?’ in chapter 4).

Reframing copywriting fees as an investment rather than a cost (see ‘Reframe costs’ in chapter 14) to overcome a likely objection (see ‘Overcoming objections’ in chapter 13).

Addressing the reader directly and using conversational language; matching the tone of an informal business meeting (see ‘Use the same words the reader uses’ in chapter 11).

Offering tangible benefits (better marketing, more sales) of an intangible service (see ‘Tangible and intangible benefits’ in chapter 3).

I’m sure you’d agree that every company needs well-designed marketing – a logo, a brochure or a website.

Setting up a persuasive angle based on consistency: if you spend money on design, you should also spend it on copy (see ‘Consistency’ in chapter 13).

But some firms put so much into design that they forget about content.

Making a general statement that the reader might recognise and identify with, but without directly accusing them (see ‘The Forer effect’ in chapter 14).

It’s a bit like gift-wrapping an empty box – because it’s the message that counts.

Using a metaphor to make a point about true value versus superficial appearance (see ‘Find a metaphor’ in chapter 9).

Implicitly appealing to loss aversion: the money you’ve spent on design will be wasted if the underlying message is weak (see ‘Loss aversion’ in chapter 14).

Content makes the difference between attractive marketing and effective marketing.

Reinforcing the previous point by drawing a contrast (see ‘Draw a contrast’ in chapter 9).

The similar sounds of ‘attractive’ and ‘effective’ highlight the contrast and make it sound ‘more true’ (see ‘Make it rhyme’ in chapter 12).

The copy opportunity

I believe good copywriting delivers more value, pound for pound, than any other marketing investment.

Citing a third-party authority to support the persuasive case. Since this was a printed letter, the link was provided in a footnote. (See ‘Authority’ in chapter 13.)

And the experts agree. Brand researchers comScore found that creative messages are four times more important than ad spend in determining sales outcomes.

Citing a third-party authority to support the persuasive case. Since this was a printed letter, the link was provided in a footnote. (See ‘Authority’ in chapter 13.)

Why ABC?

Here are the top three reasons why you should choose us to write for you.

Giving a set of three reasons: two would look weak, while four would look heavy (see ‘The magic of three’ in chapter 7).

1. Proven expertise. We’ve been trading successfully for six years and have served clients across many different sectors. (You can find a full list of them at

Using social proof: other people are using us, so you should too (see ‘Social proof’ in chapter 13).

Making intangible benefits more tangible (‘proven expertise’) (chapter 3).

2. The professionals’ choice. We provide copywriting support for dozens of marketing agencies. You can access the same skills they do – without a middleman or a markup.

More social proof, plus a touch of scarcity: you can have a direct relationship that agency clients can’t (see ‘Scarcity’ in chapter 13).

3. Local firm. We’re based in Norwich, so we understand the challenges and opportunities of running a business here. (And meet you face-to-face to talk about your project.)

Appealing to the principle of liking: we’re both from the same city, so we’re bound to get on (see ‘Liking’ in chapter 13).

Empathising with the reader’s situation as a local business owner (see ‘How does your reader live?’ and ‘What does your reader feel?’ in chapter 4).

Don’t take my word for it

Here’s what a few of our local clients say about us:

[client quotes]

These quotes are all 100% genuine, written independently by our clients at a third-party directory site (FreeIndex).

More social proof, combined with the third-party authority of an impartial directory site (see ‘Social proof’ and ‘Authority’ in chapter 13).

To find out how our words could help your business, just call me on [phone number].

Call to action shows that the next step is easy (‘just call’) and carries no obligation (‘find out’) (chapter 8).

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